Month: June 2022

Latest in Art on Fleato

The Artworld of Manuel Hinojosa Hinojosa‚Äôs artistic abilities have received national recognition. His paintings have not only attracted the likes of Beckett Sports magazine, which has printed various pieces including Mickey Mantle, David Robinson, Dan Marino, etc. but also created an impressive sports museum housing […]

Latest in Fashion on Fleato

David Black Denim – The Quality Denim From the American South West After experimenting with different fabrics, denim has become David’s canvas, washing it, painting it, cutting it, and stitching it back together. David has made hundreds of different garment designs of jackets, jeans, bags, […]

What are NFTs?

Suppose you are a creator and you created something, whether it is art or music or a video. You then decide to put that online. Now you are at a risk here, because anyone on the internet can forge or copy this work of yours. […]

What is Web 3

Web 3.0 is the next step in the evolution of the internet. Well then, it is important to understand the history of the internet. Or, what are Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. When the internet arrived in 1994 the webpages were static in nature. This […]

Why Fleato

Benefits for Artists and Designers No fee for listing Low fee (5-9 %) on every sale compared to other platforms Option to offer NFTs as a proof of authenticity of your work Earn Crypto Rewards for all the sold items Ability to earn royalty on […]

How To Signup On Fleato

Currently, we accept signups by invitation only. You need an invite code from an existing Fleato user to sign up. When You click on the signup text on the top bar, the sign in / sign up screen will appear. Click on the ‘I HAVE […]

How To Create A Wallet on Fleato

After signing up, it is recommended to create your Fleato Wallet to check your crypto balance. Once you signup, you can see your profile image on the right side of the top menu. 1. Click on the ‘My Profile’ tab from the dropdown menu. 2. […]

What is a DAO?

Do you know how a company like Apple or Google makes decisions and policies for their company to work on? Yes, they will have these board meetings where the board members will come together to vote for these changes. and then then the CEO of […]

What is blockchain

What is Blockchain?

Before we go on to talk more about blockchain let’s first get an understanding of what a block is. A block is just data or collection of records. For bitcoin, it is just a collection of transactions on the network. So, why do we need […]

How To Earn Rewards on Fleato

Fleato follows a community ownership model and rewards tokens to the users of the platform. There are several ways you can earn Fleato rewards. 1. Signing up on the platform You earn $10 worth of  Fleato Coins when you sign up on Fleato.  2. Refer […]