Currently, we accept signups by invitation only. You need an invite code from an existing Fleato user to sign up. When You click on the signup text on the top bar, the sign in / sign up screen will appear.

Click on the ‘I HAVE THE INVITE CODE’ button to go to the next page.

The Signup window will open in which you need to fill in a few details:
Name – Please fill in your name. Email – Please fill in the email address you want to receive the confirmation email. Mobile Number – You should fill in your mobile number with your country code. Handle / User Name – You can change the user name according to your convenience. Referral Code – If you have joined with a link sent to you, this code will already be there. Otherwise, enter your referral code. You may uncheck the check box for ‘sign up for email/mobile updates’, in case you don’t want to receive the same. Click on the signup button next.

Check ‘I’m not a robot’ check box

A verification code will be messaged to the mobile number you entered earlier. Please enter the verification code and click sign up.

You have signed up now. You may go to the ‘My Wallet’ from the ‘My Profile’ page and create your wallet to see the balance and activities in your wallet.

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