Benefits for Artists and Designers

  • No fee for listing
  • Low fee (5-9 %) on every sale compared to other platforms
  • Option to offer NFTs as a proof of authenticity of your work
  • Earn Crypto Rewards for all the sold items
  • Ability to earn royalty on secondary sale of your work
  • Launch new projects supported by your fans
  • Collaborate with your fans

Benefits for Buyers

  • Access global community of artists and fashion designers
  • You get rewarded in Crypto
    • Without risking your own hard earned money
  • You get an NFT for every purchase to prove the authenticity of the purchased item
  • You get an NFT gallery to show off on your collection
  • Support your favorite artists by staking your Fleato Coins
  • Collaborate with your favorite artists using DAO, and share in their success 

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