Why pay hundreds of dollars for services you can get free on fleato.com?

When it Comes to art, money happens to be a huge unimportant detail – Iggy Pop

For most artists, selling is not an art. If left alone they would prefer to be in their own creative world rather than convincing people why they should buy their artwork. This is where the art selling platforms play an important role, in displaying, promoting and selling these wonderful artworks. But…..

Most of the art-selling platforms charge a huge amount upfront for the services they provide.  Fleato.com provides a solution for artists who don’t want to go into the unimportant details of money but deserve transparency and straightforward transaction while selling their artwork.


Fleato.com is a Web 3.0 marketplace for Art and Fashion. Our mission is to provide Artists and Designers around the world a platform that is equitable and capitalizes on Web 3.0 capabilities ( Tokens, NFTs, DAOs) to add true and unprecedented value to the Art ecosystem. Fleato strives to bring together Creators (painters, sculptors, photographers, designers)  and Customers in a vibrant environment. . It differentiates from other marketplaces by using Blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies to break boundaries and enable new innovative capabilities.

As a Creator, you can:

  1. List your work with no listing fee
  2. Offer Original as well as reprints for sale
  3. Offer merchandise
  4. Earn Fleato Reward Tokens
  5. Offer NFTs
  6. Create DAOs
  7. Generate QR code for your paintings
  8. Create your dedicated website

 I don’t know of any other profession that requires the same level of blood, sweat and tear commitment as being an Artist. I truly hope that Fleato can do justice to the mission of building an equitable, representative and vibrant Art ecosystem.

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