How To

How To Signup On Fleato

Currently, we accept signups by invitation only. You need an invite code from an existing Fleato user to sign up. When You click on the signup text on the top bar, the sign in / sign up screen will appear. Click on the ‘I HAVE […]

How To Create A Wallet on Fleato

After signing up, it is recommended to create your Fleato Wallet to check your crypto balance. Once you signup, you can see your profile image on the right side of the top menu. 1. Click on the ‘My Profile’ tab from the dropdown menu. 2. […]

How To Earn Rewards on Fleato

Fleato follows a community ownership model and rewards tokens to the users of the platform. There are several ways you can earn Fleato rewards. 1. Signing up on the platform You earn $10 worth of  Fleato Coins when you sign up on Fleato.  2. Refer […]