What can you do to headlights?

 If you are not interested in one of the aftermarket assemblies we offer, we can customize your OEM or aftermarket assemblies. For headlight performance, we can upgrade your halogen bulbs with LED’s or HID’s as long as you have projectors. For models not equipped with projectors, we recommend projector retrofits to not blind oncoming traffic. For custom accent lighting, we offer halos, strips and demon eyes which are available in switchback or multicolor. For show cars, we  we offer full custom boards filled with LED’s and Ghozt modules programmed with sequential blinkers and show modes. Addressable LED’s (RGB Chasing, NeoPrism, Flow Series ect.) can also be installed however due to the reliability issues we usually recommend not to use them. Painted housings and clear-coated lens restorations are also available. Sorry, we do not stock replacement headlamp assemblies and are only ordered per request.

What can you do to tail lights?

 If you are not interested in one of the aftermarket assemblies we offer, we can customize your OEM or aftermarket assemblies. Basic customizations for tail lights include lens tinting, painted housings. Dual intensity LED halos and strips are also very popular. For show cars, we offer full custom boards filled with LED’s and Ghozt modules programmed with sequential blinkers and show modes.  Sorry, we do not stock replacement tail light assemblies and are only ordered per request.

What other lighting options do you offer?

 We also install interior footwell lighting, interior fiber optics (ambient lights), underglow, rock lights and wheel rings.

How much does it cost?

 There is not a set price for every vehicle since every vehicle is different and all work is custom to your preferences. Our website is constantly being updated to show options on vehicles we have previously worked on . If your vehicle is not listed, please send us a message from our contact us page and submit pictures. In order to properly get an estimate, we need to know which vehicle we are working on, what are we customizing, what would you like done and if the lights are OEM or aftermarket. If they are aftermarket or we are unfamiliar with the assemblies we may need to see the lights in person to check if they’re butyl or permaseal. Permasealed lights will change the difficulty and price of the installation since they require more time to open. Some modifications and options may be impossible to quote until the lights are opened up to see how they are built and what can be done. We will then send the estimate to your email and make changes if necessary.  During installation, pricing maybe adjusted if unexpected complications arise due to damages, modifications or age.

I have my own parts, how much to install?

 If you would like professional installation of the parts you have ordered,  we would need to evaluate your parts first. Please bring in your parts for inspection or submit photos via our contact page. For pricing, we just simply bill it by the hour at $100/hr or have a daily rate of $500/day. In most cases, we cannot give exact installation quotes or offer warranty on parts. Small jobs can be installed immediately, daily jobs will have to be added to the calendar.

What is your warranty?

 We offer a 6 month warranty on labor, wiring and any condensation issues unless your vehicle has previous damage that can effect the possibility of a bad seal. Vehicles or lights must be brought in for service.  We do not cover warranty shipping charges for out of state customers. Replacement parts may have different warranty coverage through the manufacturer and shipping charges maybe required for replacement parts. We do not offer warranty on parts that customers bring in or lights that have been previously modified.

How do payments work?

 For custom builds, we require at least a 50% deposit if we are sending you a custom quote or if you are ordering from our website you can pay the full amount and receive free headlight/taillight installations. Once payment is made, parts will then be ordered and your job will be added to our Orders page. We will then contact you when you are ready for installation, pickup or shipment. Final payment is due after the job has been completed unless the project has been paid in full and there are no additional charges.  Additional charges may include repairs for any preexisting damage, unexpected complications or extra parts needed to complete your job.

What payments do you accept?

 We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Samsung pay, Android Pay, CashApp and PayPal. If you would like a 3% discount we also accept Cash, Zelle and Venmo. Invoices are sent through square and can be paid via email or in person.

Do you finance?

Yes we now offer financing with ACIMA with loans up to $4,000.. To apply, simply text 66846 to 22462 and fill out the application to see how much you are approved for. Once approved, call us and we will walk you through the rest!

When can you start on my job?

 If your job is a quick install, we could probably squeeze your job in right away. Big jobs that require a lot of customizations get added to the queue which can be found on our Orders page. We understand you would like your work to be completed immediately however this is the only way we can continue to work on jobs in the order received. It is extremely tough to estimate how long every job will take so we cannot calculate an exact install date until you are up next. However, we try to have an estimated date so you know how long the wait is expected. The calendar will be updated regularly to push back dates if a job we are working on takes longer or push forward if jobs get completed quicker.  Once your job is near, we will then either begin on your job if we have your lights already or call you to schedule an exact day when you can bring your vehicle for installation.

How long will it take once you begin?

  Since all work we do is custom which usually has not been done before, it is impossible to calculate an exact completion date for each job. Each job comes with unexpected complications and interruptions. We will give a rough estimate of how long it will take but it is never accurate. We kindly just ask that you be patient as we work hard to complete jobs as fast as possible while maintaining quality results. We do offer the option for blog updates where we upload progress pictures while the job is under construction. This blog can be found on our Orders page under Current Builds. Calling to request constant updates only adds stress and frustration to the build which can lead to possible mistakes and a rush build. If you are requesting to have the job done in the timeline that best suits your schedule which causes a rush, we may have to decline your job. We are also not responsible for your transportation needs while your job is under construction.

What is your refund policy?

 If you decide to cancel your order after payment has been made and parts have been ordered, we will charge a 20% restocking fee. There are no refunds once the job has been started or completed.